My name is Oskar Webrell and I'm a mime actor educated at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Bachelor degree of Fine Arts StDH 2016-19)

As a self-taught pianist and musician I enjoy bringing musicality and rhythm into any creative process and work on stage.

Playing the piano is how I relax and get to be creative in my own space. As an artistic expression, acting is far more based on contact and communication - between actors or with the audience. I think of the art of mime as an acting method, based on the concept of visualizing the trace of thought. It is a tool for the actor to embody imagination. A lot like how music embodies the emotions and states of mind of the musician, the body is the actors most important instrument.

I've worked as an actor, assistant director, dancer and musician with companies such as the Royal Swedish Opera, Riksteatern, Folkteatern Gävleborg and Molièreensemblen - and I want to continue telling stories through text and music, movement, silence and stillness.

I am always looking for new exciting collaborations!
Please have a look around and reach out to me:


C O N T A C T:

e-mail: oskarwebrell@gmail.com

tel: (+46)-70 56 34 109