My name is Oskar Webrell and I'm a mime actor educated at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Bachelor degree of Fine Arts StDH, 2019). I live in Stockholm and grew up on the countryside in Ludvika, Dalarna.

In the past I've worked with companies such as the Royal Swedish Opera, Riksteatern, Folkteatern Gävleborg and Molièreensemblen - as an actor, assistant director, dancer and musician.

As a mime actor I like to explore the narrative possibilities of my body on stage. I want to tell great stories, big and small, through music and text, movement, silence and stillness.

I think of the art of Mime as an acting method based on the concept of visualizing the trace of thought - and as a tool for the actor to refine skills to embody imagination.
As a self-taught pianist and musician, I also enjoy bringing musicality and rhythm into any creative process and my work on stage.

I am always looking for new exciting collaborations!
Please have a look around and reach out to me:


C O N T A C T:

e-mail: oskarwebrell@gmail.com

tel: (+46)-70 56 34 109