Oskar Webrell

Mime actor



Hi there!

My name is Oskar Webrell. I'm a mime actor educated at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (2016-2019) and a self-taught pianist. 

I enjoy bringing musicality and rhythm to my work on stage and I strive to tell stories through both text, movement and music.
My professional theatre and mime training combined with my interest in music has given me great opportunities to work with all kinds of different projects and people. 

In the past I've worked with companies such as the Royal Swedish Opera, Folkteatern Gävleborg and Opera på Skäret as an actor, assistant director and musician.

Mime acting is, simply put, an acting method aiming to visualize the actors trace of thought. It's a tool for the actor to embody imagination - and what is acting, music and art other than imagination?

I am always looking for new exciting collaborations!
Please have a look around my website and reach out to me anytime.


Feel free to contact me:
(+46)70- 56 34 109